Saturday, April 03, 2010

Choir Saturday?

Well, in order to accommodate all the folks we anticipate coming to church this weekend, we added a Saturday night service just like the services on Sunday. So the choir sang and we were in black/gray/yellow. This is 2/3 of my new Double twinset...the Jalie cardi and Christine Jonson's Basewear Two turtleneck shell, made from yummy rayon/lycra jersey knit from Gorgeous Fabrics. And, since it's Easter Weekend, we're wearing black pants (or skirts!) instead of jeans. I have my old reliable Vogue 7881 pants from black cotton twill, one of my best Wal-Mart dollar table finds ever.

The yellow plastic jewelry is my nod to the color; I just *couldn't* do Easter weekend in black and gray. I snagged a scarf at Wal-Mart that I may wear tomorrow...haven't decided yet. Yellow and I generally are not on speaking terms. ;)

And I have a confession...I am not going to get my 8th Gorgeous Fabrics garment done before midnight. It's all cut out, and the interfacing is on, but, well, I knew it'd be dicey once we started cranking on Macbeth. Incidentally, we started cranking, then one of the gears stripped out, so I'm rather on hold on that at the moment. But I did get all the kids measured; I should know by Monday what direction we'll be heading.

But, throw that AND Easter weekend preparation/extra services in my week and I just flat ran outta time. But I did manage a garment a week for 7 straight weeks; that wasn't too bad! I *will* finish all 12's just going to take a fuzz longer than 12 weeks now.


  1. Love it, and I really love the yellow jewelry!!

  2. Both outfits look great with the yellow jewelry! I can't imagine adding another service on Sat. evening. Our choir sang in both morning services - 8a and 10:45a, plus two numbers in the evening service.