Monday, February 09, 2009

Stepping away from the credit card....

I really goofed. Being in frugal mode, I hadn't visited one of my suppliers favorite internet fabric vendors in a while.

That's really smart, 'cause I won't covet what I can't see.

But I had a not-smart moment over the weekend...and I clicked through 'just to see what's there now.'

And got sucker punched by a couple of gorgeous rayon/lycra knit prints. However, at $19/yd, they're just not in the budget, although I'm having to be really careful not to drool on the keyboard every time I look at 'em (and you know I've looked several times...half hoping and half fearing that they'll be flagged 'SOLD OUT').

Knit tops are so quick to make...but, no. Must. Conserve. Resources...

However, I did comment to My Sweet Baboo that if they were still around on the next sale, I would consider it a Sign From God that a chunk of each of them was to come live at my house... ;)


  1. Oh,you are too funny. I'm also staying off websites so as not to be temted by something I just don't need. After all ,don't we all have way too much fabric anyway?(sigh).

  2. I totally can relate Lisa! The power bill was over $400.00 this month and I bought patterns on ebay I didn't need and just picked up an order from Plus your post has me wondering who your favorite supplier is...must back away from the computer before my husband starts burning fabric for heat!

  3. I know exactly the ones you see because I see them too and it is all I can do not to order...just one yard, or maybe one yard of several of them.....they look soooo awesome. Can't really use the ...if I got a shirt retail it would be $19x excuse because I'm not shopping at that level of retail now either.

    I'm holding back and not going to Atlanta this year either.

    Good luck resisting, have some valentine's chocolate, maybe that will help!

  4. Okay breathe...everyone here don't fan the flames. Lisa - this is the voice of reason - *LOL* can you believe it's me *LOL* - but you do not need those and they will be gone in a day or two! DO NOT go back into the will be okay! Breathe!!!

    *and I know what site it is, 'cause I've peeked a few times myself but I'm telling you what I told myself and as my fabric hero you can't jump ship on me now!!!*

  5. Oh, Carolyn, you are cracking me up!

    No pressure to resist,now, is there...LOL!!!

    That's just one of my favorite sites...but it is one of the pricier ones, so I don't drop by as often as I used to...because stuff like this happens there!

    So; I'm holding out. But my willpower is only so strong; comes a sale and, if one or both those particular fabrics are left...I'm gone... ;)