Friday, February 27, 2009

Pink Dress Progress

I'm completely changing up the sewing order and not even looking at the directions, since I'm making the dress with a full lining and, I believe, a tulle ruffle on the lining for a little pouf at the bottom a la Summerset.

Anyway, I've put the bodice and the lining together, assembled and attached the skirt back so I could put the zipper in. The invisible zipper I purchased yesterday turned out to be too short by a couple of inches (I didn't have the pattern with me at the time and I was just guessing), so I ended up using a conventional zipper that was in the 'stash', but was a bit long. I would rather have had the invisible zip, but, well, ya do what ya gotta do.

So, today I'll finish and attach the skirt and skirt lining fronts, then sew up the side seams and do the edge finishes. I pin-fit the bodice and one skirt panel to The Flute Player last night before choir practice (she is very pleased with the fabric and style, thank the Good Lord. OH, btw, the 'backup' dress is too big -- she wouldn't even wear it out of the bathroom. 'Mom! It's too REVEALING!') It looks like it's going to fit fairly well, although it hits exactly at her knee and I really don't want it any shorter. So I'm seriously thinking about a black serger rolled edge finish for the skirt.

Then all I'll have to do is the net; I expect that will take the longest time.

And decide exactly how the velvet ribbon trim will be applied. Just a band at the seam, or shall I leave enough length to tie it in a bow in the front? I'll have to experiment a bit...I'm not even sure the ribbon *will* tie in a pretty bow yet.

Anyway, here goes day 2!

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  1. Sew Mama, Sew!!! I know you can make it and the dress will be fabulous!!!