Thursday, February 26, 2009

Next Urgent Item

I finished Pastor N.'s shirt (well, he had to sew the buttons on; all I had were plastic ones which are Not Acceptable for these garments, and the bottom edge was just'll be tucked in, no one will notice, and we can turn it up when we have more time), prepped the lesson to be taught last night and still had enough time to grab a small bite to eat before running off to church. Whew.

He was utterly delighted with the whole thing (there were four of us total working on the two outfits...he now has two new pairs of knee breeches, two new vests, which he made himself and a new shirt and a new coat) and promised to take photos at the Trace this weekend (the event for which he needed the garments). It was really gratifying to see how pleased he was, but I am reminded all over again of why I don't do this sort of thing for income!

I'll post a review when I get pictures. There needs to be a warning label on that pattern, to wit: 'Pieces and notches do not match. Be warned and proceed with care.' I found a couple more drafting errors on the shirt...pitiful.

But, we must Move On.

There is a fancy awards banquet for kids who work in the children's ministry at church tomorrow night. The Actor is going to borrow a trimmed-up tuxedo he wore in the recent production of The Bald Soprano, so he's good. I thought The Flute Player could wear one of her dressy stretch velvet things, but we've discovered that all the rest of the girls we've talked to are wearing FORMALS. Aiiieee.
We tried one borrowed dress; it was hopelessly too big. I'm picking up another today from my sewing buddy Miss M, who feels pretty confident that it will fit. The Flute Player is still strictly a 'Girls' curves at it's hard to find something fancy on short notice.

But I do have a back-up plan. I've got about a yard and a half of black rayon/lycra matte jersey left from my BWOF dress, and I'm thinking of morphing Jalie 2682 into a Little Black Dress for her. (She did ask for a black dress). I dunno if I could manage to put some bling on it somehow...maybe. I know that it really doesn't take long to put that together and I *think* I could do it.

But mostly I think I'm hoping the dress Miss M's daughter outgrew will work. ;)

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