Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "I'll Just Do This Real Quick" Trap....

Back in January, I made a black rayon/lycra jersey turtleneck top from Christine Jonson's Basewear 2 pattern. I'd used the pattern before, and I *thought* I'd used the turtleneck with no problem. But, for some reason, the Turtleneck on the latest top was too small; the shirt rather puckered around the neckline seam, and it was very uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, I had some scraps of that fabric large enough to cut a new (larger) turtleneck, so I decided that, before I changed the thread in the machines from black to white to work on the linen shirt portion of the Frontier Preacher costume, I'd switch that turtleneck out. Quick cut...quick rip...quick sew...quick done and on to the linen.

Arg. Not.

I'm not going to detail all the little frustrations I had with that stupid turtleneck. I did get it replaced, and it does look and feel better, but it was after lunch before I got to the 'cut out the white shirt' stage of the program.

And, when I got to the last piece, (the shirt back), I found I was about 4" short of having enough fabric.

Make it work, make it work...the back is being pieced. It'll look like a split yoke in the back.

And the shirt Must Be Finished by 4:30 tonight....maybe I *shouldn't* have gone to the Scrabble Chicks party last night?

Off to sew....


  1. Oh, been there! "Real quick" usually means "way more time and trouble than I thought" Good luck!

  2. Way more time and trouble than I thought would definitely be a true interpretation of 'quick fix'!