Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here We Go...HSM '09: Aida

I got The Call today...could I come down to school tomorrow afternoon and help with the preliminary costume pulling/idea kicking around for costumes for this year's musical? The show actually went into rehearsal last week, but because The Actor was involved in a drama department production that was presented last Thur-Fri-Sat, he was excused from the first couple of rehearsals. The show dates are April 17,18,19, 24 and 25. I've not seen Aida at all, so I've got nothing much to go on for ideas at this point.

The decision was if I could get Pastor N.'s coat done to the lining, I could run up to school for an hour or two to begin the percolation process. There are 50 cast members, so it will be about the same size as last year's show.

This will be...interesting....

First up, though, is to finish preparing the lesson I'm teaching tonight, then pushing the coat through the machines.


  1. Do you mean the real Aida, with music by Verdi?? I would call that an opera, not a high school musical! Although my mother's high school DID do Aida back in 1936, complete with animals on the stage and costumes from Chicago, I believe. It was the only time her (and my) high school ever did anything that ambitious. Mostly we stuck to South Pacific, Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun, etc. Good luck!
    Linda (SewingLibrarian)

  2. That was my first thought, too! But this will be the Rock Opera Version, which is an Elton John/Tim Rice collaboration. Should be very interesting!

  3. Ah, I read about it in your link. Yes, it should be interesting - a few modern-day outfits, but mostly ancient Egyptian costumes.

  4. Interesting! I sewed some costumes for our high school's Aida musical last spring. It was really interesting, but lots of work. Hope you have a great time, and if you end up making runway costumes, remember they are on stage for a very short time, just focus on fabric, not details.

  5. Rumor has it that we will be refashioning dresses from the (vast) wardrobe closet for the runway scene. That should be a lot of fun... ;)