Monday, February 16, 2009

Facing the Giant (Er, the Coat)

I finally got the costume coat pattern fixed so that the sleeve and the armsceye appear to be in a harmonious relationship again....the fabric is spread on the table and I MUST cut it out today. The whole thing needs to be finished this week (at least the lining is already done!)

So, I'm (mostly) home today, since it's a holiday and the kids are out. 'Course, someone has to have an appointment of some kind on a school holiday, and today The Flute Player must visit the orthodontist for a retainer check. It's very likely that she'll need a second round of braces to get everything lined up right, but I'm hoping we can put that off a bit longer; the budget simply could NOT handle it right now. And I've an errand or two to run while we're out.

But mostly I'm going to be working on that coat....


  1. good luck on that coat. It is so frustrating when things don't go together easily.
    Regarding the braces, Did the doc mention a second charge? my kids ortho did a quote for beginning thru end of treatment, whatever it took. He also used the same dollar quote for all chidren in the family. We lucked out that the child who needed the most treatment was the younger brother

  2. Re braces: We've been this route before...there's a phase one (one round of braces, usually just to make room in the mouth for all permanent teeth), then the kids grow and the remaining teeth come in, and there's a phase two 3 - 5 years later. It's two separate fees. We've been with this doc for YEARS; he did my orthodontics and my husband's, before the kids came along. In fact, the last two or three rounds he gave us what I call a 'frequent wired' discount for returning... It probably wouldn't matter how it was split up, billing-wise, as the insurance only pays x amount on orthodontics anyway. There is a *slight* chance the Flute Player will not need a second round; she has no skeletal abnormalities and no wisdom teeth, so if the rest of her molars come in properly she might be ok.

    We can hope! ;)