Sunday, February 01, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #5

This Month's colors: Black and White

When My Sweet Baboo and I went out on the porch to take the photo (it's 65 and sunny here today...anyone want to come visit?) he asked me, "Haven't we already photographed this outfit?" (Um, it isn't one of his favorites).

To be honest, I don't think we have photographed this *precise* outfit...I've got on my Vogue 7881 Claire Shaeffer pants, made from black cotton twill from the dollar table at Wal-Mart (One of the Good Hunting days...).

The blouse is Hot Patterns Purity Blouse, from white cotton lawn. I really need to tweak that pattern and do another's got so much potential!

The vest is a longtime wardrobe piece, Simplicity 5919, from a knitted stretchy poly lace fabric that I got from Fashion Fabrics club eons ago.

It's that whole '70's rock band thing goin' on. And wouldn't you know Pastor's sermon today was about getting rid of the old stuff... LOL...


  1. I had that same fabric from FFC. DS loved it so much that he dragged it all through the house for a few years. Then I made a top from it but never really liked it. It's gone now, but I like the vest on you. I saw a knit top in the same fabric in Sandra Betzina's book.

  2. I saw the top made from that fabric in the SB book, too! It looked really cool, but I'm not sure how comfy it would be as a's polyester, after all. I saw some more a year or two ago in the Vogue fabrics booth at the Atlanta Expo and almost got some, but I'd already spent so much on fabric that I just didn't think I could spring for it...

    I have to fold the vest and store it on a shelf; I had it hanging for a while but discovered that gravity made the lace elongate and skinny down; it got kind of snug (what I call the 'collapsing honeycomb effect'). I've stretched it back out a bit but it's still a little more tightly fitting than I'd like; the tie on the Purity blouse makes that a little less obvious! ;)