Sunday, November 30, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 # 38

This month's colors: burgundy and black w/blue jeans

I basically did a repeat of what I wore three weeks ago, except with longer, lighter colored Lee's my brocade Sewing Workshop Tribeca Shirt, with a matching Modified Loes Hinse City Dress bodice shell under it. I like this top and it's the last chance to wear it in choir for a while.

Next week we'll be going to our satellite campus an hour down the road, so we won't be in choir and I won't be doing a Choir Sunday post.

But I get to wear whatever I want and, given the amount of eating I did this week and the snugness of my waistband, I think I'm leaning towards one of my Cityscapes dresses...

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  1. What a beautiful brocade!! I did quite a bit of fabric shopping this weekend (both in-store and on-line) and kept drooling over the beautiful brocades. There are some gorgeous brocades out there!. One of these days . . . .