Wednesday, November 05, 2008

7 Random Things Tag

I've been tagged by my non-sewing-blogging buddy Jess with the 7 Random Things tag...

Now, I'm supposed to link to her blog (check) and then list 7 random and/or weird things about myself.

Um, hm. I hope I haven't already posted these things.

1)My nickname in high school was 'Tigger'

2)My first car (and only car purchased by me for me from my own resources) was a new 1978 white Mustang. It got traded in in 1990 for a boxy Plymouth Horizon which was primarily my hubby's car. My oldest son (Formerly known as 'Teen Son of the Rolling Eyes', hereafter noted as 'The Artist', as he is now 20) is still driving it; it's got a bunch of miles on it and has more shakes than Dairy Queen but somehow keeps going...if you add a quart of oil once a week. I confess I have never been fond of it. I loved my Mustang.

3)When I was a high school freshman, I concluded that I very likely would not marry any of the boys I knew then. Or, perhaps a better way of putting it would be I concluded then that none of the boys I knew would ever be interested in me. I met My Sweet Baboo when I was 18.

4) Need I add I was rather geeky and socially inept as a young teenager? (I refuse to speculate as to whether that has entirely passed from my personality...)

5) I learned to sew starting at age 10 on the back porch of our nearly century year old farmhouse. Concrete floor, no heat or AC (eta for clarification...the porch, not the house, had concrete floor and no Truth be told, it was more of a utility room than a porch and I'm not sure why we called it the porch. The furnace was also located on the back porch, as were the washer and dryer and the chest-style deep freeze, which served as a semi-accessible cutting table. Good preparation for the years I spent with my 'sewing studio' in our garage.

6)Although my degree is a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, I originally went off to college as a music education major. Um, that didn't work for me...

7) I can't stand salmon. My Sweet Baboo loves it and eats it almost every time we go out to dinner. I know it's good for you and I wish I could eat it but every taste brings back unpleasant associations with the nasty salmon patties my elementary school cafeteria served.

Now, I'm supposed to tag 7 more people, but, to be honest, I haven't a clue who has and who has not already done this. So, I will tag any blog reader whose birthday is the same month as mine (July) who has not already done the meme. Just leave a link in the comments and we'll all come and learn 7 random things about you!

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