Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cleanin' the Fridge

Somedays, ya just gotta put life on hold and clean out the refrigerator.

Mine was in a pretty bad way...I'd been meaning to get to it but couldn't seem to get it on the calendar.

But...somehow, a can of Coke (caffeine-free) migrated from the front of the shelf to the very back of the shelf, where it sat unnoticed until it froze.

When it froze, the can ruptured and...well, let's just say cleaning the refrigerator moved WAY up the priority list.

I discovered pieces in my fridge were removable that I had no idea could even budge.

Took all day. shriveled my fingers.

But...the fridge is clean and I rearranged the shelves so *hopefully* we will not have a repeat of the forgotten Coke incident.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, convenient...


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean . . . I think I actually cleaned the fridge this summer. The dishwasher is another story. My son found a pin in there this week. (Hiding head in shame and disbelief!)

  2. Forgot to say, I think I cleaned the fridge because my son found thread clippings in there.

  3. Summerset, I thought you were *perfect*...LOL....

    I won't say whether or not pins and/or thread have ever turned up in highly unexpected places in my house...

  4. I'm feeling lots better about my house after reading these comments. ;^)

    I originally came here to say we'd had a diet Coke freeze and explode recently, too. We'd had problems with the defrosting freezer flood the fridge and I'd almost called the repairman again to complain until I realized it wasn't clear... and it was sticky, too. Glad I hadn't made that phone call already.

    And DS#2 found a pin in the carpet the other day... thankfully, not with his foot!

  5. Um, the worst 'found pin' was when The Princess was about 4 and found a pin in the carpet with her knee...that was a couple of trips to the dr to get the thing out. We still have an x-ray film somewhere that shows the piece of the pin that lodged in her knee.

    This was *after* I'd vacuumed, even...those pins can be downright diabolical...

  6. Poor Lisa!! But at least you now have a perfectly clean refrigerator in anticipation of holiday festivities! That's a blessing!