Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sucked in....

Ok, I avoided it like the plague for ages.

Wouldn't go there. Didn't want to go there. Didn't need to go there.

So tell me, why did I all of a sudden feel a need to sign up for Facebook this morning?

It's not like I don't already spend waaaayyy too much time on the internet doing blogs; now I've just discovered a whole new time guzzler.

Sometimes I think I am my own worst enemy... other times, I'm sure of it;)


  1. I can see that a some poor sap who thought one hit wouldn't make him an addict... aaaaiiieeee!!!! LOL

  2. Likes blogs don't drain enough time . . . I've refused to get invovled with Facebook and have not regretted the decision.

  3. Yeah, Summerset, that's what I said, too...up until this morning....

  4. But when your child says "Mom, you can look at those pictures on my Facebook"--what's a mom to do but sign up and cruise the photo albums of that child's Facebook page since it is the only way to get any pictures from her anymore! mmmmm!