Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nothin' in September

According to my sewing records, I didn't complete a single garment in the entire month of September.

I have to go all the way back to December of '04 to find a month in which I didn't complete any personal sewing...and we were frantically costuming our first presentation of The Gospel According to Scrooge, so I *was* sewing at a fast and furious pace.

No, I recollect that I *did* sew my own costume for that show during December of '04; it's just not recorded. So I have to go back September of '04, which was right after we moved into a temporary rental property and I didn't get any sewing space set up for a few weeks.

But this month I had no costume sewing or house moving to blame. Just my own disorganization. And that's, um, embarrassing. I did a little (very little) mending and altering, but that really doesn't account for the whole month.

If I had realized yesterday that I'd have a goose egg for yards out in September, I'd've ditched the budget work I did in the afternoon and sewn buttons on that silk shirt. ;)

I pledge to get back to my sewing self this month... ;)

ETA: On reviewing my September posts, I find I did do a bit of costume work ... how could I have forgotten the Amazing Technicolor Truly Awful Bog Coat of Many Colors?

But that just took a day. So no real excuse there.


  1. Don't feel too bad. It IS the beginning of school and you DO have four children. It's a bad month to get anything else done. Ask me how I know!

  2. be perfectly honest, school started on Aug. 6 here, and only two of my four kids are still in school proper; I wish I could use that as an excuse but I can't.

    I really think I just am experiencing 'catch up', since things have been so pushed since early in the year. September was really my first chance to start putting things right that had languished too long.

    Hopefully I'll have it more or less restored by Thanksgiving! LOL