Monday, October 13, 2008

Fitting the Flute Player

I finished the Flute Player's pants to the waistband; I didn't want to undo a bunch of waistband stitching if it needed serious alterations.

When I tried it on her yesterday, they *appeared* to fit fairly well...but, as the waistband is of the contoured nature the pants ended below her waist, so it was hard to tell just exactly how well they did fit.

So I sewed on the waistband, but didn't face it...and had her try it on again.

She immediately began complaining that the pants hurt...and in just a few minutes was nearly in tears.

There were no pins in them, nothing sharp...but she was obviously in distress, so I had her take them off.

So near as we can figure, the French Fuse interfacing must've been irritating her somehow. Anyway, I didn't get to tweak the fit as much as I would've liked. In the few moments I had, I could see that the back looked good but the front may still be a little loose.

If it is, it is. I couldn't check it well enough to fix it anyway.

So...I've got the facing on the waistband now; today I will get it all topstitched and finished off and put them back on her this evening to mark the hems.

We'll see what we get.

I will say's much easier to pin-fit someone else than it is to pin-fit oneself!! I don't know why I didn't think to practice the principles on pants-fitting on someone I could observe before I tackled them on my relatively unobservable self...


  1. I hope this all works out and it was only the interfacing! I agree - pinning on someone else is easier than pinning one's self.

  2. Me, too, Summerset. We both looked at the inside of the pants and there was nothing the least bit rough or's a real mystery what could have caused her such discomfort. Anyway, it's all covered up now so hopefully it'll be ok!