Friday, October 10, 2008

Finished Shirts!

Whew. These have been long-term projects, even though they shouldn't have taken so long. Interrupted by costuming, lost pieces...I'm So Glad to put these in the closet!
The Chopin fits fairly well; this is the second try at that pattern and I narrowed the shoulders and cuffs shortened the sleeves. The mid back is still too wide (I can see that in the mirror; it doesn't show in this photo), so if/when I make it again I'll tend to that. I think I could probably narrow the shoulders a bit more...but it moves easy now; I don't know if I want to risk binding it up by overfitting there. I'm loving the way the silk duppioni feels while wearing it! Now I want more silk duppioni shirts! Sigh. Silk duppioni is not cheap...

I still need to drop the darts on the Kwik Sew shirt, but I think it's a little short waisted, too, so I may just add some length between the armsceye seam and the darts to take care of both issues. This pattern works in a stretch cotton, but I think it'd bind too much in a non-stretch. It needs a square shoulder adjustment (this was cut out in July '07...before I had the square shoulder revelation) I'm observing some other things about my shoulders that I need to learn to fit, too; more on that as I get it figured out.

Anyway, I am doing the happy dance to have these finished and wearable; I'm not going to obsess over the shoulders. RTW does the same thing.

Now, to find the rest of the binding and finish the blue wool jacket and get DD's pants put together and ready to be tweaked when she gets home.


  1. Kashi at Metro Textile frequently has silk dupioni. You could always give him a call. Nice job on the tops!

  2. Oh, I'm SO trying to avoid making friends with Kashi!

    I don't think my budget could handle it! LOL

  3. Both shirts look great, Lisa Laree!

  4. Yay! You look fabulous in the blue! I'm so glad you finished it. The white is nice and a great wardrobe stape.