Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer Fun

1. Summer Fun Shoes
2. Summer Fun Giveaway

As promised, here's the 'new sandals w/ a little heel' that I got to make my 'wear with boots' jeans wearable in the summer. They came from Shoe Carnival, in one of the perpetual 'buy one, get one half price' sales. The grey ones are 2 1/2" heels, the brown ones measure 2 3/4". Not at all serious heels, in this day of six inch spikey instruments of foot agony, but, given my tendency to back trouble and the fact that these are worn for church choir...which can easily be standing for 45 minutes to an hour or better...they are my LIMIT for heels ;) Plus, they're both wedge/wide heeles, which is much more secure on the top riser than little spikes (says she who has more than once looked down to see half her heel hanging off the back of the platform...)

But I've worn both of them for choir now and, while my feet weren't in blissful comfort, they weren't in agony, either. They'll do.

The grey ones are even a bit of a fashion stretch for me; I'm not used to blingy feet ;).

But...there's another 'Summer Fun' item to post today. I started the idea of 'Fun First Fridays' back in April, then promptly took the hiatus and missed it in May, so to bring it back, I'm gonna do a giveaway.

Actually, it's just a way to make up for a goof on my part. Hancock's had Vogue patterns on sale last month for something like $3.88 each and I bought a bunch. But when I got home, I discovered I had purchased Vogue 2907 in the wrong size range. (4-6-8, hips 31 1/2" to 33 1/2"...approximately my WAIST measurement...). I thought about just hanging onto it and morphing the details onto the other Vogue alice + olivia pants pattern, which I was alert enough to purchase in the correct size range, but since I got back to Hancock's before the sale was over I decided to just get it in the right size and give the small one to someone who reads the blog.

So...if you're a thin little thing, or if you have a daughter who's a thin little thing, or if you're a whiz at grading patterns or if you'd just like to have the pattern as a collectible, just leave a comment on today's post: Tomorrow, for the Fun First Friday, I'll draw a name from today's comments and send this ridiculously, um, very interesting pattern along with my blessings ;)


  1. Cool shoes! I'll pass on the pattern - I know Vogue pants patterns don't work for me!

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  3. I hate removing comments, but when *all* links go to commercial sites that do not reflect who is posting or what they said they linked, I kinda feel suspicious....