Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still buttoning...

I did get all the buttons on the coat yesterday; Part of the time I was sort of playing a video game with the kids (I could sew when it wasn't my turn to actually do something); I finished while we watched one of our newest DVD acquisitions, Enchanted. That was a HOOT! I hadn't seen it before....

I've got a bunch of errands to run outside the house today, I'm not sure how many buttons I'll get sewn on, but having the coat done is a big relief.

I wanted a photo of it on My Sweet Baboo, but he has contracted a bodacious case of poison ivy and so didn't want to put it on and I don't blame him. I'll get pictures as soon as I can.

15 buttons left...


  1. Lisa - do you ever sew buttons on by machine?? Your poor husband! I am extremely allergic to poison ivy and it is no fun. My home remedy is bleach. Put about l/4 cup bleach in a cup and then fill it with water. Pat this on all the poison ivy with a soft cloth- miracle!! Stops the itching and the rash spreading. I do the bleach routine if I know I've been near poison ivy and don't usually break out.

  2. My machine does not sew buttons on well; I end up w/a bunch of needle thread looped around a teeny bit of bobbin thread that pulls out VERY easily. But in any case, almost all of these are metal shank buttons, so machine sewing wouldn't be an option.

    DH is EXTREMELY sensitive to poison ivy; we have some special wash stuff for him to use, but in this case he didn't realize he'd been exposed to it (he got it from some camping equipment that he was cleaning); it was blistering up before he knew it. Once he gets it, he frequently gets a systemic reaction that doesn't respond to cleaning...he's had an injection and he's on oral medication now, so he should get better.

    I've kidded that if he goes camping and a bug lands on poison ivy and then lands on him, he gets a rash...that's a joke, but he really is almost that sensitive to it. Poor guy.

  3. Trust me, I know how he feels! I can't even look at the stuff. The bleach treatment was recommended by a friend - she got it from her old school dermatologist. I've done the steroids, the shots, pills, etc., etc. but bleach works the best. Sounds awful but it works for me. I pat it on 2-3 times a day.