Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No Braces!

I had about an hour in the waiting room while the braces came off...I got 16 out of 28 buttons sewn on. They look really cool...

But I'm working on the shirts today; I've made these before and, if all goes well, I should get them close to done before bed tonight.

Hope, hope, hope...


  1. What a great smile! She's such a pretty girl. You're like me - taking stuff to work on everywhere! You got over half the buttons done.

  2. I almost punched my fist in the air after I sewed on number 14...Yeah! Halfway!
    This round of braces was basically just to make room for all her teeth to come in; she may yet have to do a phase 2.

    She's really hoping not...(so are we!!!)