Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Instincts Were Right!

I was leaning heavily towards wearing the black Burda dress, but I had originally made the print dress (before that issue of BWOF was released) with the intention of wearing it to the reunion. When I saw how great that black dress was, though, I found myself wavering and the votes all confirmed my thinking. The print dress will be the church on Sunday dress. Thanks to everyone who 'voted'! ;)

Church on Sunday will be interesting. You see, DH's parents...well, his whole family...are Quite Musical. For their 40th anniversary party (20 years ago), the kids and kids-in-law joined them and sang an arrangement of 'I Love to tell the Story' for church. Ten years later, we thought it'd be fun to do it again...that time, three of the older grandkids joined us. This year, we've pulled out the music once more and we'll be adding all but the youngest two grandkids and singing the same arrangement at St. Paul United Methodist in Elkhart. I don't know if we're singing for the first service, the second service or both services, but if anyone videos the event I'm gonna try to post it here.

At the very least, I hope to post a photo...there should be 18 of us singing...if some of the grandsons do not back out ;).

I probably won't get another post done until after all these festivities, so have a safe and happy Independence Day celebration!!!

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