Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just for fun question

We have a very, very busy party weekend coming up; how often do the Dear In-Laws sixtieth (that's 6-0!) wedding anniversary celebration and Dear Hubby's 35-year High School Class reunion fall on the same weekend? Not to mention the family reunion that got slipped into the same time frame!

Anyway, I'm taking all three of my newly crafted summer dresses with me, and I'm not sure what to wear where. I've got a hunch, and I'll probably do what I like anyway, but I thought I'd ask, just for grins....

If you were me, would you wear the the Slinky Madison Avenue dress or the Burda WOF black jersey dress to Hubby's class reunion (at which I will only know about 4 people)? I haven't really pressed him for his preference yet (I will...), as he declares he's not sure what he's going to wear (but is leaning towards business casual slacks and a polo shirt). It's at the local country club, and the announcement said come however. Past reunions have seen folks dressed in everything from sparkly glitz to farmer's overalls; so anything's ok.

I've got a couple of knit shirts that I'm trying to finish up before we go; part of the festivities include family photos, and Dear MIL has said she wants everyone in jeans and a solid (not black or white) shirt. I know, I've got a ton of choir stuff that will work, but, well, it was a good excuse to move a couple of yards out of the stash, KWIM?


  1. I like both, but I say go with the black for your hubbie's reunion. You look fantastic in it.

  2. Wear the black - it is elegant and chic.

  3. The black - hands down....