Friday, June 13, 2008


For some people, that would be expensive chocolate, a night on the town, a fancy pricey handbag.

For me, it was ignoring the housework and the budget that have all backed up while I was sewing pirate things, not to mention the two pieces of My Sweet Baboo's pirate wear that I do not want to let slip to UFO status, and do a bit of personal sewing.

First up (since there was black thread in the machines, you know) is Burday World of Fashion 5-08 #104, made in the unbelievably yummy black rayon/lycra matte jersey I got at Textile Fabrics last month. I spent yesterday tracing the pattern and cutting out, and stayed up after choir to work on it. It's about half sewn up; gimme another couple hours and it'll be done.

And I think I'll do one more thing before I return to Pirate mode; I've got some soft orange linen w/red-orange embroidery that I think I'll see if I can quickly turn into a little unlined jacket. Maybe.

Then I gotta go back to Being a Responsible Housewife ;)

ETA: Um, I forgot to ad(mit) that I also purchased a small amount of a really pretty rayon challis print when I stopped by Hancock's yesterday to pick up thread and buttons for the orange maybe-jacket. It *was* 50% off...and black and white...

I guess if I've got to indulge, 2 1/2 yards of local sale fabric is a more responsible addition to the stash than a 12 yard bundle...


  1. What I want to know is are you going to pose in your new dress like that ridiculous model at Burda? LOL!

    The dress is really cute and I'm sure yours will be great.

    Can't wait to see it. ;-)