Friday, June 06, 2008

I threw a party and no one came...

LOL that's happened more than once; sometimes it hurts but this one is just funny.

I guess there just aren't that many folks who want a size 4-6-8 pants pattern!

So, tell ya what...I'll leave it open for A WEEK.

If there's ANYONE who wants that a+o Vogue pattern I mentioned in yesterday's post, just leave a comment that you're willing to take it off my hands; if there's more than one, I'll draw NEXT Friday ;)

I'm off to sew more piratey stuff...


  1. I'll bite...I think my daughter could fit in those and she is learning to sew. Nice shoes. I try to only do wedge or stable heels too. Mary

  2. Me too - they certainly won't fit on me, but I think that they would fit one of my two sewing students. Although it's probably too difficult for her right now, it's something she could work towards. :)