Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Hazards of Late Night Sewing

The last time this happened I was sewing cloud pajamas for DD's senior year one-act competition play nearly 5 years ago...can I blame it on sewing at 11:15 PM?

It's the little slice that occurs when the curved upper sleeve pleats itself under the seam allowance of the armsceye seam whilst serge finishing that seam...and you don't spot it before it goes under the knife.


At least it's on the back side of the sleeve. Perhaps we can, um, pass it off as a saber slice?

My first thought was 'Thank goodness this didn't happen on one of the lame' shirts...'


  1. Based on "Pirates of the Caribbean," pirates are supposed to be kind of scruffy, right? Perhaps you could pass off the repairs as an attempt at authenticity? ;-)

  2. LOL You spotted my strategy!

    Actually, these things are supposed to be dyed in some fashion after I'm done with them to make 'em look old and beat up, so I'm really not obsessing over perfection. (Otherwise the collars on both these shirts would have been taken off and redone!)

    But I really didn't want to slice a hole in 'em, just the same.

  3. BTDT. Remember, "Costume, not couture". I'm sure it will be fine and more "authentic".