Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Fun Drawing

Ack! I completely overlooked the fact that yesterday was Friday and so I forgot to draw for the pattern freebie. Oops!

I rectified that this morning; My Sweet Baboo did the honors and MARY (Sewfast) won the pattern! Mary, if you'll email your snail mail addy to tig77lw (that's a lower case 'L', not a number one)at yahoo dot com, I'll get that off to you! Hope you make it and review it! :D

But I was busy sewing! I finished the BWOF black dress and had Number One Son take the photo, since DH was out of the house until late in the evening. He looked at the dress and said, 'Is that what you were cutting out last night?' When I replied that it was, he observed, 'That was fast!'

The next one will be faster...I had to, um, use the seam ripper a bit to get the fit passable, since I was chicken and sized up.

And trying it on about 4 times to get the fit adjusted totally disproved the 'little black dress friendly' claims on my anti-perspirant....

But I like the I just need an occasion to wear it ;) (The review's linked on the side bar)

I still want to get SOMETHING made from the orange ASAP, but I'm having difficulty hearing the fabric tell me what it wants to be. I'm afraid that's because it really, really wants to be something for DD, whose favorite color is orange... sigh.


  1. I love this dress!!!! It looks great! I love orange too. It is my ALLTIME favorite color!

  2. I love this dress too...I have a nice brown knit I plan to transform into this dress...too many projects and not enough time!!! Also, I am so excited I won the must be my lucky day...I will send you my snail-mail address...thanks!!! Can't wait to see what your orange fabric becomes...Mary

  3. I saw this on PR and had to come here to tell you that it is an absolutely fantastic dress! You outdid yourself! That is one amazing dress!!!