Sunday, June 22, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 #19

This month's colors:blue jeans w/green, yellow or orange tops

Jacket: Sewing Workshop's Thai Coat, in a wildly printed cotton twill purchased from Vogue Fabrics at last years' Atlanta Expo. This really is walking right on the edge...maybe even over the edge...of Too Wild for Choir, but I *did* make it for choir last year and I've got to wear it at least once a year to justify it hanging in the closet. And it is fun to wear... ;)

Top: Vogue 2925 top again; it's about the only orange thing I've got that looks even close to ok on me.

The jeans are Lees and are almost too long, even with the taller shoes. These don't have much flare; I may take up the hem just a wee bit one of these days.

I probably won't have choir posts for the next two weeks; we've got some celebrations coming up that will pull us out of choir (more on that later...)

Tomorrow: Pirate Costumes at Pow-Wow... ;)


  1. I can see what you mean about it being a bit wild for choir, but it is fabulous! That fabric should not be hidden in a closet!

  2. Ok...what in the WORLD are we going to do about the next couple of months colors?!?! None of those colors are in my list of "best colors to wear" I do not have even one thing in my closet! WOW...and NO MONEY to go and get anything. I don't think I have enough black to wear that long!! I'm gonna need some prayer!!! What about you?!?! hope you're having a great week!
    Love ya,

  3. Buffi, that brown would look good on you, I think.... I've got a short sleeved brown sweater that will probably cover me on that color. The gold I will NOT wear!

    I've got one or two things that are close enough to the purple to work, and I've got one or two purple pieces of fabric in the stash that I might be able to work from...I'm gonna be in purple a lot, I think.

    Sigh. I was really hoping for red, white and blue the entire month of July...or at least red and blue....

  4. I love your jacket.The entire outfit is perfect together.I have this pattern.I made it once and didn't like it because of a bad fabric choice.Maybe I'll give it another try.What kind of fabric did you use?

  5. Lisa, that was some printed cotton twill. It's not as drapey as it probably should be for this pattern, but it worked for what I needed! ;)