Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Buttoned Up

I sewed the last button on about a half hour ago... I finally watched the last four DVD sessions of John Bevere's Drawing Near curriculum (which I have been sporadically working through for an embarrassing length of time). I love doubling my time...watching the teaching whilst I'm doing something productive! I still have some knickers and a vest cut out for My Sweet Baboo, but he has a shirt and some raggy pants so the knickers and vest would be, like, extra pieces. I may go ahead and make them just so they don't turn into UFO's, but the pressing need for costumes has now been abated. The pieces for the other guys will be delivered tonight; My Sweet Baboo will not be packing until next Wednesday, so I've got time to finish those other out if I choose. ;)

I tried taking a photo of the coat on a hanger, but it is so heavy that it just sort of collapsed and doesn't look at all Nice. Hopefully I'll get a photo of it on a real (non-skin-damaged) person soon. I'll write a review when I do...

Gotta catch up on my housework, but I've promised myself to make SOMETHING for the wardrobe before the week is over ;)

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