Monday, June 23, 2008

Arg, Matey!

My Sweet Baboo and his Senior Commander (just for the record: I did not make Sr. Commander's pants) are trying hard to look fierce; MSB later said he wished he'd quit shaving a week or so before the event but he didn't even think about it. He did get one picture of the back of Senior Commander's coat; he's talking to a gent from another church whose wife had made him a pirate suit from the same pattern, although his had been made for another purpose sometime earlier and has been used several times for different characters. MSB said it was really nice looking; he thought it was made out of something that looked like upholstery fabric. I saw the photos that he appeared in and wished I'd gone to the trouble/expense of putting some lace on the sleeves for the Senior Commander's shirt.

And, just for my sewing/traveling buddy Miss A, here's a photo of our other Deputy Senior Commander wearing the shirt that she made.

It was an interesting weekend, by all accounts. MSB told me that they did three skits w/the pirates; in the third one, the 'good guys' had given the 'treasure map' to one of the younger boys, and the pirates came off the stage to capture him. What they didn't figure on was ALL the other boys jumping to the rescue! I would have LOVED to have seen the resulting impromptu melee between the 'pirates' and the boys who were trying to fight them away from the totally flummoxed the guys who were the pirates and they had a difficult time 'capturing' the youngster with the map (who was part of the skit and knew what was going on). I still chuckle thinking about the surprise they had....

Incidentally, Senior Commander's coat and vest are from Simplicity 4923; all three shirts are from Butterick 4486 and the ratty pants are a modification of the breeches in Butterick 3072 (I didn't review those; didn't really have appropriate comments to make since I messed around w/the pattern from its intention)


  1. Just a quickie suggestion for MSB, in case he ever needs to appear "rugged" in a skit again... a small tin of black creme makeup and an appplicator called a stipple sponge can give a decent 5 o'clock shadow effect. You want to apply it lightly, but it will break up the clean jaw look. At least from a couple of feet away.
    Your coat looks great by the way!

  2. That's a good tip, Kathleen. I'll file that away for future reference!
    Are the black creme makeup/stipple sponge hard to find at retail?

  3. Hmmm... I guess they usually would be. We're unusual here in that we have an odd little store, a mix of makeup and costume and knick-knacky junk, in town and they carry all sorts of supplies.
    I do know that there are lots of online stage makeup vendors who sell stuff like this.
    In fact, I've actually got tons of extra of the sponges. If you ever want some just let me know! I'd be happy to send some on to you (they make great bruise/scrape applicators too).

  4. They look great and look like they're having fun!