Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arg, Matey!

Ranger Senior Commander was delighted with his costume pieces and tried them on after church last night. I'm not terribly happy w/the button placement on the vest; because I didn't put as many buttons on as specified, I didn't even pull out the placement guide. I overlapped the front so that *all* the buttonholes buttoned, and, when I was looking closely at the photographs when I wrote the review I realized the top two or three buttons were not *meant* to the vest overlaps too much in the front (and is a bit snug, as you can see). I won't get a chance to fix them before the campout next week, as he's going down very early to help set up, but after it's over I'll ask him if he wants me to move the buttons over.

I'll get a photo of My Sweet Baboo's outfit before he heads to camp...

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