Sunday, November 25, 2007

Choir Sundays #13

This month's colors: burgundy and black
It's the Sewing Workshop Cityscapes Dress, which I will again attest to being the best thing in the world to wear on the Sunday after (burp) Thanksgiving ;), from the deeply discounted slinky knit I purchased at Sir's last May.

The scarf is one of my first serger projects (that'd make it somewhere around 17 years old); just a small square that was finished off with faux flatlocking and fringe. It's too bulky to tie, but it works with a scarf clip (from, oh, 1990ish?)


  1. Perfect - great color and just right for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

  2. What a super outfit! It looks terrific!!

  3. Lisa, I have never liked this pattern when I have seen it on the SW site. But seeing it made up,I have a new appreciation for this pattern. It looks great on you and it is more attractive than I have ever given it credit. The color looks right for you.

  4. Linda, I felt the same way! I'd look at that illustration and think 'Ick!' Then I saw the dress made out of black slinky in the Fashion Show at the Atlanta Expo a few years back and realized that the dress, under that weird jumper thing, was really cool. This is my third one out of slinky...I think I'd like to have one out of stretch velvet, too, but that'll depend on finding a lovely piece of stretch velvet, probably when I'm not really looking for it.