Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still Thinkin' Jackets....

Blogger's cooperating now; here's the OOP pattern I talked about yesterday. Obviously, I'll need to add some shaping to the jacket...probably by adding front darts and a center back seam...and I think it's a bit long for me; just above the knee would probably be a better length. But it approximates the CWC jackets very well.

I've pulled two or three more patterns that look very much like jackets in that catalog, too...there are several mandarin-collar styles that I think I could approximate with Simplicity 4601, and one of my new Butterick patterns, 5066 greatly resembles a number of the offerings in there, also. So, *IF* I could find the time to play around with fabric and patterns, I think I could knock-off a number of those great styles. If.

But first the Queue. DD's pants still need hemmed. I may just do those with the blind hem on the machine; not too pretty, but these are cheap test-the-pattern pants that are just going to be worn while she's doing puppetry anyway, so it'll do. I'd do her jumper next, but it needs a purple zipper. I thought I had a purple zipper. Really. I'll hunt around one more time; otherwise, the jumper will have to wait until I get a chance to run by Hancock's.

So, I may be sewing the last 'black thread' item in the queue...the Hot Patterns Trouser Skirt. Then I've got a handful of pink thread items to go and I'll be close enough to the end to start on the Trench Coat.

I've pretty much decided that, unless it's an urgent need (or I make the SWAP purchase from Timmel Fabrics), I'm probably NOT going to purchase any more fabric this year. But at the rate this year is going by (it's mid October!!! I can't believe that!), that shouldn't be too hard.

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  1. How can you make such a statement as not buying anymore fabric this year, you are disiplined!!! LOL