Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sewing through the Queue

I'm just plugging away with the black thread; after the FTA skirt, I decided to do the 'black thread portions' of a couple of multi-layered projects that need black thread for *part* of the garment. So, while there's no finished item yet, I made progress on the faux wrap skirt and the 4-layer NSS pants.

Then I started on the 'Very OOP DK Vogue cotton interlock stirrup pants.' The copyright date on this pattern is 1990; I'm sure I made it up the first time in 1991...16 years, two babies and 30 pounds ago. I think I made three different pairs of pants from it, worn mostly under big tops...sometimes belted, with Very Big hair. One pair managed to hang on in the wardrobe, and over the last few years I found myself using it as athletic gear...specifically, as a layer under sweat pants when My Sweet Baboo and I were really and truly pursuing fitness and were getting out of bed before 5 AM to go running on the dark and chilly track over at the middle school. Didn't matter that they were made to fit a body smaller than mine actually happened to be; they were hidden and they were warm. Oh, and one thing you can't tell from the photo...they had slant pockets. (Gotta have someplace to stash tissues and cotton balls; my ears HURT if cold air hits them for very long. I guess it just whistles through and chills everything down to the painful point...anyway, the cotton balls stop it)

Unfortunately, they were also shredding beyond repair. So I'm replacing them.

I was surprised to see that even back in the day, I actually cut this pattern on the size 10 lines. Size 10!!! But I knew I could squeeze into it well enough for its purpose, so I charged ahead.

However, I do plan to use 1/4" seam allowances.

Nope, it's not Fun Sewing...but it'll HOPEFULLY get worn a bunch. I want to do something about that '30 pounds'... ;)

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