Friday, October 26, 2007

Pattern Haul

Oh, yes, I did get the zippers and two very nice buttons for the WIP Weekender bags.

And a pile of patterns. Yes, indeedy....

All Vogue patterns were $3.99; Buttericks were $.99.

I came home with ten patterns pour moi; eight Vogues and two Buttericks. I saved $183.44 off the printed retail prices of all those patterns. Of course, nobody in the States EVER pays full retail price for any of those patterns, but it looks good to say that I saved $183.44. In actuality, I saved about $71.75 from what Hancock's regular price is for the patterns, so that's still not too bad.

But I've been accumulating a list for awhile; I didn't get everything on it, but I got all the ones that I've really been wanting...and a few that I was kinda wishy-washy about. The beauty of those pattern sales...if they didn't exist I *might* have purchased 3 of those patterns. Maybe.

Anyway, here's the list:

From the 'I probably would buy this pattern at full price if there were no such things as pattern sales' category:
Vogue 2987. I love the details on this jacket, and I also really like that graceful little top that's with it. The pants are pretty I probably won't bother with them.

Vogue 2912 If you look beneath all the frou frou, there's some blouses with really good bones here. Three completely different styles, not just variations on a theme. I don't expect to make any of them as pictured, but I may very well mix around the sleeves and collars and come up with some nice blouses. I've got two or three pieces of silk waiting on a good blouse pattern; maybe this is it.

Vogue 2980 There's been some mixed reviews on this...some folks love it, make multiples, others found it not worth their time. I think it's interesting...and DD came home with a RTW version of this exact top a couple of weeks ago that looked really cute on her so I decided it was worth getting. Maybe I've found a pattern that I can make for her.

From the 'Oh, it's four dollars...and I like it' category:

Vogue 8189. I'm doing 'shoulder princess peplum' jackets now...just kinda collecting them for future consideration. Actually, it that Cold Water Creek influence; several of their jackets had peplum-like lines, only with a much less fitted waistline seam. And a simpler collar/neckline than this one has, but that would be easy to change.

Vogue 7937. I've thought about modifying my Hot Patterns Trouser Skirt pattern to incorporate all the cool hemline details in this pattern, but I decided that, for $4, I could have a pattern to use as the basis instead of doing a day's worth of math and drawing.

Butterick 5080 I have no idea if I will ever have an occasion to wear a dress like that, but it looks so pretty and feminine I decided it was definitely worth a dollar.

Vogue 2988. This is another one with kind of mixed results. As of this post, there aren't any reviews up for it yet, but a couple of ladies on Stitcher's Guild have made it up. Aside from the jacket, which has me kind of mesmerized for some reason, I really like the skirt that's in this envelope. I'm afraid the pattern as a whole is way too sophisticated for my lifestyle, but that probably won't stop me from trying it anyway. I've got a well-aged piece of stash fabric in mind for it already....I think I could squeeze the jacket and dress on it...or at least the jacket and a straight skirt.

From the 'Seduced by the Sale' category:
Butterick 5088. Those weird sleeves on the white jacket are a detail that I can't decide if I hate or want to try. It's everywhere... I'm almost afraid to do it because I think it's going to be Over before I get there. But this might be a good candidate for something cheap and cheesy like polar fleece. Make it quick, wear it a little while, send it off when it fades. However, the purple jacket has me thinking it might not be so bad...I'm thinking a single breasted version with the darted sleeves will have a little more fashion staying power. I also discovered someone did review this on Pattern Review just this week (Vonnevo, I think. I'm too lazy to open another tab and go look) and it looks fabulous. The reviewer did make some substantial changes to the pattern to get that fabulous look, but the changes didn't look too difficult. We'll see if inspiration strikes.

Vogue 7764. This one has been in the store's cabinet so long it doesn't have the 'V' in front of the number! It wasn't available in my shoulder size, so I bought it in my 'everywhere else' size and I'll have to see if I can do the reverse adjustment. Vogue calls it an unlined jacket, but it's almost a shirt-jacket, I think. Anyway, should I want to torture myself with close fitting military details, this will be the pattern I pull.

Vogue 8131. Another mixed-review pattern. Erica B got great pants from this one, though, which is what prompted me to put it on the list. I know, I know, you'd have to be eight feet tall with 4" platforms to pull off that deep cuff, but I have no intention of trying. I'm looking at the plain hem's got a yoke and pockets! I may try narrowing the leg if it proves too overwhelming. But, this is another pattern that DD might be conned er, convinced to let me make for her. I would like to get a pants pattern fitted for her; if there was one that we knew fit well, it might be an opportunity for her to advance her sewing skills beyond quick cheap costumes.

I also picked up a See & Sew gaucho pattern for younger DD...she was pleased.

Now, how long before any of these make it to the tracing table...let alone the cutting table or the sewing machine? Who knows....

Back to the Weekenders. The zippers ARE in, btw. ;)


  1. Yes, you did have a great haul! I like a lot of those, but (good or bad, you decide) I don't have any Hancock's nearby. I have a Jo-ann's and Simplicity are 99 cent this weekend . . .

  2. Oh I know better than read your pattern lists! Now I *need* 3 or 4 more! Thankfully I already own a couple of these.