Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Exercising Resistance

Sunday night, I cut a coupon for '50% of regular price of any fabric' from the current Hancock's flyer. It was good only from 8 - 10 AM yesterday morning, as part of their 'Early Bird' Columbus Day sale. I winced a little...I've still got something like 11 projects listed on the queue before I get the true green light to purchase needed fabric, but 50% off...and I would like some stretch black velvet for a project for DD... I didn't *have* to go, I told myself just before I went to bed, but if I got up in time, well, we'd see.

Fortunately, yesterday was a rather lazy start to the day. The kids are out of school for the week (Fall break? Nobody ever heard of such a thing when I was in school...) and My Sweet Baboo is out of town; I let myself be lazy and sleep in. When I came downstairs and looked at the coupon, I yawned. Yes, I still had time to get to the store, but I just didn't feel like leaving the house. So I tossed the coupon and stayed home, feeling very smug.

Then I got an email from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics. She's having a sale and it almost did me in. She's got some fabulous fabrics, of the very sort I told myself I would be allowed to stash (good quality basics at good prices). I emailed her 'Ann! You're killing me!' And tried not to look any more.

So far I've resisted that order. But it's hard. Please, if you're not on a fabric moratorium, go buy that nice fabric to help a sister out. I can only resist so long... ;)

BTW, just in case someone's wondering, I have no affiliation with Ann other than pleased past customer and blog reader.

Now to go Far Away from the computer and sew or do laundry or wash dishes or something....

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