Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bonus Post: Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is My Sweet Baboo's birthday...and he really doesn't look his age!

I guess his wife keeps him young.

I really need to work on my life-as-it's-happening photography; this is about the only picture of him I could find in this year's folder!

I wrote this for his birthday five years ago; it's still true:

The Tenth Man

Father’s Day, years ago…
Pastor’s sermon on being
A godly man.

Nine out of ten men,
He said,
Come home from work
Flop in the chair
Flip on the tube.
Nine out of ten men
Schedule their lives
For their comfort and convenience
And leave the rest
To their wives.

As I listened, I realized
I married the tenth man.

The man who participates in
Raising his children
Maintaining his home
Building a legacy of faith
Even when it is not comfortable or convenient.

I marvel at such a blessing
And I thank God for my husband
The Tenth Man.

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  1. Happy Birthday to him! Nice poem - you're obviously the blessed woman!