Sunday, July 01, 2007

Off to Hoosierland!

Um, is it possible to travel while in the doghouse?

Oh, about Friday, I got the urge to make another summer skirt. I wanted a cool, elastic waist, easy-to-wear skirt to take on the trip. Y'know...something that would be quickly made Saturday afternoon...


Well, I grabbed the green linen that has been sitting around looking at me accusingly since it arrived from Michael in mid-April and some yucky coarse transparent white cotton something to use as a lining and an (gulp) untried Vogue pattern.

Everything was going along swimmingly until I tried on...or, tried to try on... the skirt yoke.

It wouldn't fit. Further investigation revealed that the pattern was drafted for, um, stretch knits only. (The *Pattern illustration* didn't LOOK like knit fabric...). Anyway, you can read the whole story...or at least the highlights of it... in the review. I'd added enough to the pattern to adjust the size to fit at the hips, assuming that, for a pull-on skirt, that would also take care of the waist (no finished measurement available there). That'd work for a woven...not so much for a negative-ease knit pattern. And that was just the first of several goofs, missteps and blunders I made.

Anyway, my theme song for the weekend was 'Rip a little, sew a little, Rip a little, sew a little, PICK PICK PICK Rip a lot sew a little more...'

All the while, I was SUPPOSED to be getting things for us and the two younger DKids organized and in suitcases for the trip north.

Well, in the long run, the skirt turned out well and is in the suitcase.

But the packing's only about half done, and My Sweet Baboo wants to leave at 8 AM. I am feeling some definite grumbly vibes here.

I didn't know it was going to take so long to make a simple little skirt...there is a Sewing Twilight Zone, and I wandered there-in for a bit. Now, I don't have done what should've been done and, well, I'm setting the alarm for early in the morning.


anyway, we are bravely leaving DS in charge of the mail, the paper, the lawn, the recycling/trash and the house for a week.

I'll catch up sometime around the 10th...

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, everyone!


  1. Looks great to me, even after a trip to the twilight zone! Have a safe and happy trip!

  2. Cute skirt and nice save. Have a great trip.