Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now THAT'S a Queue!

I wouldn't let myself post today until I finished cutting...I actually got FOUR more tops out of the two pieces of fabric I had left to cut(although I had to piece the silk jacquard a bit for the second one from that fabric).

So the final WIP total is 49.875 yards...which is 3/8 yard MORE than I bought on that parity-destroying trip to Sir's. Once I realized that I was close to cutting as much as I bought that day, that became my goal. After all, that's what parity sewing is about, right...what comes in is what goes out.

But I've never had more than half a dozen or so projects in the queue at any given time (costuming excepted, of course...that's always a team effort). This is going to be very interesting, as I've told myself NO MORE FABRIC until I've sewn all this stuff.

The only exception would be if it's a choice between buying fabric and making something quick or going out and getting something from RTW. If I *have* to have a garment, I might allow myself some slack. But no more stashing!

Now to clean up the mess, organize the sewing room, and put green thread in the serger. I need the green jacket for choir next month, so it's First Up. ;)

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