Sunday, July 22, 2007

I've been tagged

(Quick,Lisa, answer the poll while you can say 'yes!' to question 6)
Angie tagged me, so now I've got to answer the following 10 questions that I'm sure everyone in the blogsphere is dying to know my answers to. Then tag some other folks.

I'll answer the questions, but last time I played tag it didn't work so well, and this *has* been going around for a few days, so I'll just tag anyone who reads this and who needs material for their next blog post... ;)

1. What kind of Seam Ripper do you use?
Oh, I NEVER need a Seam ripper!

(chortle. sputter. snort. ROTFLOL...) Ok, I'll 'fess up. I usually use a heavy straight pin and unpick the stitches. Really. But on those occasions when a seam ripper is unavoidable, and assuming I can find one, I use one of my surgical-scalpels-with-a-handle that are now sold as seam rippers. You could also use them to cut pigs, if necessary, but I won't go there (any other Midwest hog-farmer's daughter will understand what I'm talking about).

2. What do you use to snip threads at the sewing machine?

Why, the thread cutter doohickie on the back of the sewing machine head, of course! At least I can always find it.

3. What do you use to cut out patterns/fabric?

Patterns...any pair of sewing shears will do. I've got 4 pairs, ranging from the 'cut the vinyl with these' black-handled Mundial's to the 'I will cut off your hand if you touch these' Kai shears I purchased at the most recent Atlanta Expo. Fabric...well, I have an Ergo cutter that I love, but I dropped it and stepped on it and broke it about 6 weeks ago. It still works...sort of.... A replacement is on my Must Purchase list at the Atlanta Expo next year. Unless I find one before then.

4. Do you stash zippers?

Um, sort of. I've got a few that I purchased for projects that got, um, derailed, but my Big Batch of Zippers is actually part of a UFO...someday I'll go into details on that, but not right now. (ah, the suspense...)

5. Which takes up more space in your stash...knits or wovens?

Definitely wovens. Good knits are too hard to find and I tend to make them up very quickly.

6. Are you wearing anything that you made today?

Oh, I hit the jackpot here! I'm wearing the Meh! Denim skirt and a black-and-white rayon sleevless, cowl-less Cowl Top. Being Sunday, earlier today I also was wearing the Surprise Denim Jacket. I'd even made the necklace I was wearing...strung black glass beads. (It's 'black and white w/denim' for church choir this month... ;) ).

7. Does anyone else in your family currently sew?

Um, I'm working on that.

8. What is the last $$$ sewing-related (non-fabric) item that you bought?

I guess that would be the books/notions I picked up at the Atlanta Expo in March.

9. Cutting out, pressing, hemming. Which do you like the LEAST?

Hemming. Definitely hemming. There's lots of positive creative energy going into cutting out, and pressing is done just a little at a time, but hemming is the last grunt up the hill, when I'm tired of this and just want it DONE!

10. Do you have any non-chain garment fabric stores in your area?
Well, I've heard rumors of one or two that I've not been able to verify...I don't suppose Sew Sassy counts, because that's mostly lingerie-sewing needs. Sir's is a fabric outlet that's about 45 miles away; usually worth the trip. And there're some Very Nice fabric stores in Nashville (see yesterday's post... ;) )

Ok...there's my ten. Anyone who's left to answer...feel free! ;)

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