Monday, July 16, 2007

Denim Skirt....Meh...

There's a reason most of my skirts and pants have elastic waists... my waistline changes shape without notice, which renders a truly accurate measurement a thing of dreams. I haven't figured it out, but I suspect it has something to do with hormones (that's SUCH a wonderful thing about being in the late 40's...hormones can be blamed for almost anything...).

Anyway, my great fear was that the denim skirt would be too small. Holding it up during the construction process, it looked really questionable. When I tried it on, before I added the topstitching to the sideseams and put on the facing, I was just relieved that it was going to zip. Yeah, it felt a little loose, but I was afraid to overfit, still needing to add the denim (and hence rather bulky) facings and wanting the OPTION of tucking in a top. So I trusted my measurements and didn't change anything.

And it sits about an inch below my waistline, being too big to stay up, even with the facings and a tucked-in (albeit very thin) shirt. So yeah, it's long...pulled up at my waist, it *is* about the same length as shown on the envelope. Actually, I think it's only too big in the back; when I grab the back and snug it up, the sideseams still look to be fairly centered on the side.

I'm *not* going to rip out the topstitching to try to fix this skirt; it's denim, I can get away with wearing it a little low. It's wearable...just not wonderful. And if I lose any weight (a girl can hope, right?) it'll have to hit the 'donate' pile.'s a good 'wearable muslin' for the time being (the denim was cheap and has been in the stash for at LEAST 10 years) and I will be altering it if/when I make it out of something nice.

I posted the review with all my thoughts on this more or less consolidated ;).

I just wish there was some way to make a faced waistband, um, adjustable... ;)


  1. I like it - you could always shorten it to be the length on the envelope when it sits where it's going to on your body. It's not a total wash - you did learn a few things from it!

  2. Lisa, I like it, too. Another benefit to bringing the hem up a bit is that it would be much cooler, like capri pants are so much cooler than full length pants, IMHO.

  3. Well, my real issue with the skirt isn't the's just that it's too loose around the waist. It's just longer looking than the photo, and, since it has that huge split godet in the back, any shortening really needs to be done above the godet.

    Maybe I'll get suspenders... LOL...

  4. LOL, on the suspenders. Did you see in the new Vogue patterns just put up that there are pants with Suspenders?? oh please!
    I like the seaming on the skirt, but think that it really is a bit long. Too bad it turned out so big, as in the pics it looks nice. Your topstitching is awesome.

    BTW, I just found the calendar on SG which shows the b'day's by month - Happy Belated B'day to you.

  5. How about belt loops and a belt to keep it up on your skinny days?


  6. Ooo, I didn't think of that (smacks head). And I think I've got a pattern for such an idea; the Hot Patterns Classix Nouveau Trouser Skirt has a faced waistline w/beltloops! I'll go check it out...that may just do the trick!

    I've been contemplating taking out the back facing and adding darts, but beltloops would be a heck of a lot easier...hmmm...

  7. What about elastic in the back between the seams? You could sandwich it between the facing and the skirt. You'd have to topstitch it, but it might be easier than a new waistband.