Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What about that Pink Tweed Jacket?

It's been in the 'WIP' column since, oh, July? Ever since the choir colors changed and I didn't need it...but it's cut out, the lining is cut out; I think I've even got the interfacing fused on.

So I'm actually thinking I might pull that out and see if I can get some progress made here and there whilst I do laundry and work on the budget and prepare my Bible study lesson and scrub the kitchen floor and...and...

After all, ya gotta take a break sometime.

I finished off the sleep pants/shorts/tank, mostly just to get them out of the way, before I changed the thread and mended DD's jeans yesterday (HMC is heading to Iceland today; first thing on their schedule, after a bit of sleep, is meeting the mayor of Reykjavik. Well, now! They'll be ministering with/at a church called Krossin). Anyway, after I finished, I looked at those pants that DD pronounced ridiculously, embarrassingly small and, just for grins, tried them on. I expected something that looked like leggings, but they really didn't. Ok, the panty lines were quite pronounced, but that was about all that was objectionable. They're knit...they stretch...and they're for sleeping in.

So I put them in my drawer. I guess I'm just not as picky about my sleep clothes ("Mom! We hang out in our PJs all the time!").

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