Thursday, April 19, 2007

To Nashville and back

The kids arrived back from Iceland last night; there was a glitch in the system, though, and the four who were on different flights (including The Eye Rolling Teen Son) ended up w/a delay that put them later than the rest of the group. So, DH being approaching sick, I got elected to drive to Nashville and pick them up. They got in just before midnight, minus their luggage, and ravenously hungry. So, including the time spent dealing w/luggage that didn't make the connection, a slight detour (couldn't see the road sign because I was behind a semi and missed an exit) and some time at Steak N Shake while they fried up some to go chow, then delivering them to their apartments on the other side of town, it was after 3 before I made it to my bed.

On my way out of the Rocket City, I stopped at Starbucks and ordered a double shot Grande (the big one) Vanilla Latte. The barrista asked if I really wanted a double shot, since the Grande already had two; double would be four shots.

Yes, I really wanted the double!!! And needed every drop of it...

But DS has kept me up w/delivery issues before; he was born shortly after 5 AM 19 years ago today...didn't get much sleep that night, either ;)

April 19,1988

Nov. 2006

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  1. Wow. You deserved every drop of that Starbucks - for then and now! Really, though, what an awesome mom you are - just because they're bigger doesn't mean they don't need mom's care and love!

    Very cute picture, too!