Saturday, April 28, 2007

Squeezing the Pattern

Yup, I added two more projects to the WIP list...the Donna Karan tunic (and I've got enough of that gorgeous fuschia knit to make another top...hmmm, what'll it be...) and the Vogue Wrap Dress.

Cutting the dress was an exercise in creativity and patience; I'd originally ordered two yards of the knit, with just a vague idea of making a top. Ann sent 2 1/4 yards...possibly because the print doesn't quite go all the way to the has a scant 58" of workable width. But as soon as I saw it, it said 'Wrap dress!'.

And doncha know the pattern says it requires 2 3/4 yards of 60" fabric.

Well, I've had lots of practice squeezing pattern pieces on fabric (see The Encouragement of Minor Miracles for the most recent example), so I started playing with the layout. Because the front skirt is a full pattern, cut twice, I had to use a single fabric layout for that piece, so doing a whole trial layout really wasn't practical. I took a deep breath, and started cutting. I figured if I were short, I'd just make a sleeveless dress.

But, since the fabric is the same coming and going, I could use a 'without nap' layout and I got it all on there! Barely...this is the totality of the remnants. Whew...

But I did have a real bummer happen during the cutting process...the little red thingy lying on the far side of the cutting board is a piece from my nice Martelli rotary cutter; it fell off the table and I stepped on it (I didn't hear it fall!) broke. It's the piece that holds the spring that holds the blade guard in place; I've had to tape the guard back now, just to keep it out of the way when I'm cutting. It will no longer guard the blade...yikes...

So now a new rotary cutter is on my list of Things to Get at the Atlanta Expo Next Year. If I can wait that long.


  1. Great job on squeezing those pieces on the fabric. I have to do that often because it seems like I'm always spacing out when I get to the cutting counter. I'm really interested in seeing the hexagons made up!

  2. Awesome job on the layout and cutting for the wrap dress. I am impressed! It makes you wonder how often you could do with less fabric.