Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Next project dreaming

It just never fails!
I cut out a BUNCH of stuff...have a nice queue waiting to be sewn...and I can't get to the sewing machine because, well, life maintenance is behind.

So, whilst I'm trying to catch up what has been undone, ignored and postponed, what do you suppose I'm doing? Thinking about those lovely things that are cut and ready to sew?

Nah...I'm planning NEW STUFF!

I have some knits on order from Gorgeous Things (there was a glitch in shipping, but I think it's ok and should be here today or tomorrow), along with one of the pieces of printed slinky that I got at the Expo this year, that I really don't have more than a vague notion of what I want to make. Suddenly, I got a brainstorm...wouldn't any of those knits look absolutely smashing made up in Textile Studio's Manhattan Dress? The only problem is that I do not have this pattern.

Now, given the fact that I've got a ton of sewing ready and waiting, ordering the pattern really wouldn't be too much of a problem; it'd likely be here before I was ready to start cutting anyway. But the frugal, challenge-loving side of my brain has kicked in and, instead of ordering the pattern, I'm seriously considering turning the v-neck shell from Loes Hinse's Sweater Set into a Manhattan Dress knock-off; all it really would take is about 20" added to the length of the top.

From reading all the reviews for the Manhattan Dress, I believe the neckline finish on the dress is different (and less visible...it's not topstitched) than the turned-and-stitched neckline on the V neck shell, but that's a minor difference. I can forgo the invisible neckline in favor of the pleasure of doing a dress myself.

Maybe I'll make one my way, then order the dress pattern and see how much different it really is... ;)

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