Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday Regroup

It was a good service.
It was an exhausting weekend. Move out, setup, rehearsals, service, tear down, put away...Saturday was from 9 AM - 8:15 PM, Sunday was from 7:30 AM - 2:45 PM.

But, oh, my goodness...the service. The VBC set up 3500 seats. I expected them to be about 80% full. I did not expect them to have to bring in extra seats. It was a full house. The dramatic bits all worked...costume changes, remote dressing areas and all.
Kudos to Miss A, who made liners for 12 offering baskets at the absolute last minute (there is a bit of a story there!).

I didn't get my camera to anyone to take pictures, but I did talk to one of the amateur photographers at church who had brought his camera; hopefully, I'll get a few of the photos he took to show here. But DH did manage to get a photo of DD in her new top. The picture looks more wrinkled than the top did in person; at least some of the wrinkling is because the knits of her two tops are adhering a bit. I'm not sure I would've layered it like that, but, the colors were black and lavender and it was COLD yesterday...

Today I will be mending; she has brought me about 4 pairs of jeans with inconvenient holes that must be fixed before she goes to Iceland so that she actually has clothes to take. So the next batch of sewing...which will likely be orange stuff, as I've not heard that we're changing from the original plan...will get put off until the weekend. Gotta catch up on all the stuff that got dropped while we sewed.


  1. She looks really cute in the tops! nice work! Glad to hear that all of the "action" worked out well this weekend. Wow, what a crowd you all had. That is fantastic.

  2. I don't blame her for layering, it was cold this weekend. I think it would look nice either way.

  3. Lisa - I think it was worth the aggrevation - she looks beautiful in the top!