Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just Keep Sewing

So, I'm rolling the edges of the altar blankets today.

Then I need to start sewing up the cutting I did yesterday; I cut a pair of jersey Burda One-Seams for DD for her sleep pants, and also the scoop neck version of Simplicity 4076 from a lightweight lavender cotton/lycra. When I told DD I'd cut out a lavender top for her, her response was, "I'm not going to lie...I'm afraid." If it fits, it'll be cute, but as she rarely allows me to sew for her I don't have a good feel for what fits her. I cut a ten, and will use 3/8" seam allowances for a bit of ease and lengthened it 2 1/2", but I'm crossing my fingers. Her overwhelming confidence in my ability to actually make something cute is *so* encouraging...(koff koff). Anyway, she needs that stuff really quick, so it'll be first up after the rolled edges.

And, while I was cutting, I went ahead and cut the rest of those two fabrics into garments for my wardrobe: I cut a banded-neckline, cap sleeve version of my TNT Vogue 7799 from the lavender, and I squeezed a much-needed sleep set (NSS shorts and a cropped tank top) from the remnant of the jersey I used for her sleep pants. I still need to cut the floral print skirt; if I can manage to get that cut out, it'll be sewn the moment the last stitch on the stuff for DD is in.

But all deacons are expected to help with the load out of the church/load into the civic center/set up Saturday morning, so things will be ready for the rehearsals in the afternoon...first choir, then drama. And the two younger Dkids are planning to dye eggs sometime this weekend, too.

So I may or may not get the skirt done. But I suppose it's not that big of a deal; I'll only be in street clothes for choir; then the rest of the service will be in costume.

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