Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Monday...

If I were writing another blog, and were someone else, with a totally different lifestyle, I might say I was hung over. But, being me in my life, I think I'm fighting off some kind of low-level viral thing. Ick. So, despite the long 'to do' list for the day, I may not get much accomplished.

But I did get some work done over the weekend! All the pink jacket needs now is buttonholes/buttons and c'est fini! DH is out of town on business, though, so I'm not sure if I'll get a postable picture from one of the dkids or not. We'll see.

And I'm still waffling over what to make from the Hothouse flowers knit. While the fabric type and drape would be really good for the Betzina top I'm leaning towards, I'm starting to think I want a simpler style, to let the print sing. Maybe a simple asymmetric hemmed tunic? (I know, I know, asymmetry is supposed to be Out...but I like it!). I need to make up my mind; I will be making the orange stuff soon and this qualifies.

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  1. ok, I seriously am interested in how you figure out a point system to rate the various collections. I'm at an absolute loss to objectively pick 3.

    BTW, wow are you brave to quote your stats on the sidebar.