Monday, April 16, 2007

It'l be there when I get there

After my cutting marathon last weekend, this week will likely have very little sewing; I've GOT to spend hours at the computer doing budget related stuff(I'm not even going to tell you how behind it is...and we're switching to a new budget program, so there's extra stuff to do). I got a message that there is a cd w/photos from the Easter service waiting for me at the reception desk at church; I've got to begin the 'clean the costumes' process, so I'll hopefully get that picked up and have some nice pictures to show you in the next couple of days.

I managed to get a little sewing done on the lining of the pink jacket over the weekend; the back's done, the sleeves are done; if I can find 30 minutes or so to sew today I'll get the lining finished off, then it's on to the fun part. ;)

It's nice to know that I have work waiting on me, when I catch a few minutes here and there...


  1. It *is* nice to have stuff waiting to go. It's a nice little break from the regular household stuff!

  2. Can't wait to see your finished project.