Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It Was Inevitable...

How many trips have I made to the fabric store since March 12, purchasing *only* stuff for church sewing??? I don't even know...but I do know that each time uses a bit of resistance and willpower, and sooner or later all of it will be used up and...fabric comes home with me. Yesterday it was a crisp fuschia linen-look that was labeled as poly/cotton, but certainly *felt* like it had a bit of linen in it. I got enough for a sheath dress (at 2.95/yd, I didn't feel too bad), but I'm going to wash it well first to see if the crisp goes away with the sizing. If it does, well, I'll do something different.

Add to that the kind of background frustration that builds when I'm looking at fabric and patterns in my sewing room...that I can't sew because I'm sewing other stuff...and the availability of lovely stuff on the computer that I somehow keep looking at (bad, Lisa, bad)...and somehow it turns into 'I've been working so hard, I've earned a pretty piece of (fill in the blank).'

Or maybe three pretty pieces of knits, from Ann at Gorgeous Things. (Should I include the link? Be an enabler? Oh, shoot, why not... Gorgeous Fabric)

On the way to my house now are two yards each of Hot House Flowers Red acetate/lycra knit (orange is required for choir next month...), Fuschia rayon/lycra jersey knit and Stylized Hexagonal Print Jersey. That's a poly/lycra blend, which I normally don't care for, but the print was so pretty that I decided to try it.

So that's a total of 8.5 yards that will be taking up residence in the stash, which will bump me up over parity...unless I sew something quick.

Maybe I'll indulge that urge to cut and sew for me whilst I'm finishing up those altar blankets...can't let myself fall behind parity, right? ;)

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