Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Bodacious Queue

Yesterday, I looked at the pile of fabric that I had waiting to be cut and I thought about picking up everything...y'know, neatening the house up...before I cut it out. But that would mean putting away the cutting set up, too, and who knows when it would get back out. And I had begun sewing the last thing in the queue...I needed something to move on to, or I'd be stuck mending when the pink jacket's done. And, on top of that, I need orange for choir in three weeks.

So, I decided to spend yesterday cutting; then, I could put everything away and clean house today.

Boy, did I cut:

-- 2 Jalie 2005 T's from (um, traffic cone)orange cotton lycra; one for me, because I need it for choir next month, and one for DD, because orange is her favorite color
-- Sewing Workshop's (discontinued) Thai Coat from the orange/yellow/ multi butterfly batik/tie-dye cotton twill purchased from Vogue Fabrics at the Expo last month
-- Cutting Line Designs Stars in Heaven tunic from the remnants of the teal rayon/linen left from the In the Trenches set
--Vogue 8323 princess-seamed t from some really cheap orange/pink/yellow tie dye-look cotton jersey
--Cutting Line Designs Farewell to Arms skirt from the gorgeous floral rayon I got from Louise, also at last month's Expo
-- Loes Hinse's City Dress, from some Batik Butik rayon purchased two years ago from Timmel Fabrics.

I'd say that will keep me busy for a while. That's seven garments, totaling 12 3/8 yards. Whew!

I've realized that the cutting is key; if something's cut, it will get sewn...eventually...


  1. Wow! Such productivity! Looks like there will be some lovely additions to your wardrobe.

  2. Yeah, but the SWAPper in me is appalled...with the exception of the orange t and the jacket, NONE OF IT GOES TOGETHER! *cringe* ;)

  3. I'm with you on cutting to keep momentum going. I like to cut in batches, then sew. But I have to be careful not to cut too far ahead of myself, or I start feeling pressured by it! ;)