Friday, April 27, 2007

Beginning the Donna Karan tunic...

Not that I'm feeling like I'm about to run out of's just that I left the last batch of fabrics that arrived out and they're singing to me so that I decided to just go ahead and cut them out and get them in project much to hush them as anything. So, yesterday I pulled out the Vogue Donna Karan wrap tunic pattern and started comparing it to the TNT Jalie 2005 T and decided that, on the whole, I could let the uber stretchy rayon/lycra jersey handle any fit adjustments that I might need to make; it looks Close Enough for Knits. So I just cut out a straight size 10 (the largest in the envelope I had...).

Then I proceeded to pin the pattern sections together as instructed. For some reason, the right shoulder seam is eliminated by pinning the back (full back) pattern to the (large, due to the draping) right front, overlapping at the shoulder line. I did it, but discovered that this resulted in a pattern piece that was too wide to lay out on my cutting table. I tried staggering the cutting mats to make it a bit wider, but it was no go. But, as the seamline/overlap line is marked on both pieces, it's easy to add the seam allowance and cut them separately, which is what I ended up doing.

I also substituted Jalie's 3/4 length sleeve for the extra-long, meant-to-be-scrunched sleeve that was included in the Vogue pattern. When I overlapped them and saw the sleeve caps were virtually identical (again, Close Enough for Knits), I decided that a 3/4 length sleeve might make the top a little more, um, trans-seasonal and maybe slightly more on trend.

I got the top about half cut before choir last night; I'll finish it today and probably cut the wrap dress while the cutting table is set up. Don't know when I'll get to them, but I'll be glad to get them moved from laying around the den to actually in the sewing queue... ;)

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  1. I just ordered the Vogue 8379 and am crossing my fingers. I have some great fabric from Gorgeous Things that is demanding to be made in a wrap dress, but I think I am dreaming that it will look good on me. I'd love to see what you do with the pattern! Please keep us posted. It was great to meet you at the Expo. I keep regretting I didn't get a good picture of you at dinner in your Cutting Line outfit.