Friday, February 16, 2007

Zoom zoom

The pattern was altered, the fabric washed, laid out, and cut and the thread is changed.

I'm ready to hit the machines.

I should start the timer and see how long it takes...but I'm multi tasking today and won't sew straight through. I do hope to finish those capris today, though...

And I just had an email from our Fearless Drama Leader, who just learned that the tracking info on the finally-found-at-the-last-minute Karoke version of the song we're parodying, which was supposed to arrive today according to the information she was given when she ordered it, shows delivery on Monday. AAAiiieee....we may need to do a plan B, which is a slightly different accompaniment to a modified version of the song in a key about 4 steps higher than the one we've been practicing.

This could be interesting. *shudder*

1 comment:

  1. 4 (?!?!?) whole steps higher? That'd be a recipe for disaster if I were singing with you . . . good luck!